A Restricted Instrument Rating (IRR) extends the privileges of a PPL(A) holder to allow flight as Pilot-in-Command when out of sight of the surface, when in IMC conditions, and, in class D or E airspace in circumstances which require compliance with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).


The rating, adds a level of flight safety and awareness to the private pilot, whilst extending and cementing the key skills of the private pilot.

This rating can be of key importance in the United Kingdom, where weather conditions can change very quickly regardless of the planning and preparation conducted before a flight.


Whilst the costs of gaining an IR(R) can depend on a number of factors you should budget around £2995 which will cover the minimum 15 hours instruction and the minimum number of landings.


The minimum course requirements include fifteen (15) hours training in instrument flying. A minimum of ten (10) of the hours shall be flown by sole reference to instruments alone.


Following this approved course, the student is allowed to sit the written theoretical ground examination and to take the flight test.


Before an application for the rating can be submitted, the applicant must have twenty five (25) hours experience as a pilot since the date of application for their PPL (A). This shall include ten (10) hours as PIC; of which at least five (5) hours must be on cross-country flights.


The rating is valid for a period of twenty five (25) months from the date of the flight test.